Abdullah Arif

Head Manager


Christina Yu

Food Bank Assistant Manager


Juliana Macevicius

PEACH Market Assistant Manager


Volunteers 2022/2023

Amy Zheng
Emma Davison
Chloe Kim
Isabella Moffatt
Marty Fay
Nikita Srivatsav
Beatrice Lu
David Walji
Michelle Anderton
Jacob Johnston
Alex Deslauriers
Thomas Pendergast
Emily Rolph

Kasra Ranjbar
Selena Sivec
Cassandra Piccolotto
Phoebe Weng
Juliana Macevicius
Man Wai Szeto
Leo Jing
Fatima Mekioui
Khadija Rashid
Eduard Popescu
Madeleine Skebo
Ava Khansari
Rayna Rosenblood

Megan Bennett
Chloe Whittaker
Katelyn Boles
Lauren Lombard
Erin Rendell
Renee Balila
Claire Bunker
Anwar Subhani
Rita Smolkin
Allyson Hunt
Aastha Vaidhya

Join the Team!

The AMS Food Bank heavily relies on volunteers. Volunteering duties include opening and closing the Food Bank, answering patrons’ questions, providing information on additional food support services and restocking shelves with new inventory. Volunteers require a time commitment of 1-3 hours per week.

There are also three paid manager positions annually, which support the day-to-day functions of the AMS Food Bank, as well as logistics and outreach duties.

To stay up to date on when volunteer and manager hiring opens, please visit myAMS.org/APPLY and follow our social media where we will promote new opportunities.

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